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Romania’s National Running Records +50k

Romania's National Running Records

Romania’s National Running Records +50k

Evidence of Romania's National Running Records for competitions longer than 50 kilometers on the road, athletics track, or treadmill.

I was running on the treadmill today and I thought about the results, the Romanian national records for  over d 50 kilometers or more on the track, the road or the treadmill. Not only am I interested for my general culture but in addition, I think about which record would be the most accessible and which would be the most difficult to break.

For shorter distances I don’t even think I could break a record that because it’s very difficult to run hard, over short distances. For longer distances other factors intervene and maybe I can compensate within the strategy.

Romania’s National Men’s Running Records

50 kilometres

Cristian Moșoiu - 3h:06:43 - 3:44/km;

6 hours

Iulian Filipov - 87,2- 4:08/km;

100 kilometres

Iulian Filipov - 6h59:04- 4:11/km;

12 hours

Florin Ioniță - 146,7- 4:55/km;

24 hours

Florin Ioniță - 244,496- 5:53/km;

48 hours

Daniel Trușcă - 370,121- 7:47/km;

Romania’s National Men’s Running Records
WHO? Time/Distance Distance/Time Pace/km
Cristian Mosoiu 50km 03:06:43 3:44/km
Iulian Filipov 6 ore 87,2 4:08/km
Iulian Filipov 100km 06:59:04 4:11/km
Florin Ioniță 12 ore 146,7 4:55/km
Florin Ioniță 24ore 244,496 05:53/km
Daniel Trușcă 48 ore 370,121 7:47/km

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I think that for the men’s national records, the most accessible record to break is that of Florin Ioniță at 12 hours. Not only  the average peace is quite high, but the record at 12 hours ran by him in the race was set when he also set the national record at 24 hours.

I think that the national record at 12 hours can be close to 150 kilometers and that it won’t last  more than two years.

I also think that the 6-hour record can be improved, only if this distance will be run. Iulian Filipov managed the double in the race in Germany, setting the record of 6 hours and 100 kilometers. I think that in 6 hours solo race you can run 88.5 – 90 kilometers.

On the other hand, I think that Cristian Moșoiu’s result will last for some time. Especially since this is a very good result, it was made in Brasov and there are very rarely 50 kilometer competitions. I know only a handful of people who could break this record and they prefer to focus on marathons or shorter distances.

Romania’s National Records in Women’s Running

50 kilometres

Paula Todoran - 3h:28:08 - 4:10/km;

6 hours

Mariana Nenu - 72, 65- 4:57/km;

100 kilometres


12 hours

Mara Guler - 119,383- 6:02/km;

24 hours

Mara Guler - 229,233- 6:17/km;

48 hours

Gabriela Ianciu - 315- 9:09/km;

Romania’s National Records in Women’s Running
Paula Todoran50km03:28:084:10/km
Mariana Nenu6 ore72, 654:57/km
Mara Guler100km09:10:5105:31/km
Mara Guler12 ore125,9155:43/km
Mara Guler24ore229,2336:17/km
Gabriela Iaciu48 ore3159:09/km

I also think that certain records can be improved for women as well. Let me know in a comment  what you think about the records and what record will be the first one to be broken and at what distance?

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