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Magnesium – Supplement for runners

Magneziu - Supliment pentru alergatori

Magnesium – Supplement for runners

Robert Hajnal

Robert Hajnal

Last winter, before the „Running School” Workshop in Cluj, Viorica gave me a magnesium oil as a gift. About 2 years before at Apuseni Ultra, Toma spoke to me for almost an hour about the benefits of magnesium and how it enriches its water with this mineral.

I didn’t really know much about magnesium but I knew that due to the lack of magnesium you can get muscle cramps. To prevent this, we consume before the more serious competitions (Marathon 7500, CiucasX3) Magne B6.

I was doing a kind of pre-competitive loading. Now I realize that he was not doing much because he only has 100mg of magnesium although the recommended daily dose is 420mg.

If you have the patience to read the article for another 3 minutes, you will also know how you can add extra magnesium to your body and why it is good to do so!

Do you need a running coach?

Let me apply to you everything I learned: workouts, nutrition, plans.

Find out more …

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals present in the body where about 24 grams of magnesium is found. About 49% is stored in the bones and about the same in the intracellular space, ie inside the cell.

About 1% of the total magnesium is found in the blood.

Magnesium is needed and intervenes in over 300 enzymatic processes in the body, relaxes muscles, and helps regenerate nerves. You don’t have the “nerves” caused by your wife or girlfriend, but those that make your muscles work better.

Very few people consume it in sufficient proportions because it is no longer found in such high concentrations in the fruits and vegetables we eat. Although the recommended daily dose is only 420mg / day for men and 320mg / day for women; it is very rare to have too much magnesium in the body so do not worry that you will exceed this level.

!!! When consuming magnesium, be careful when installing therapeutic effects before laxatives. Let me explain.

Although there are many supplements or foods rich in magnesium, it is not absorbed 100% of what is written on the label. If a product has 200mg of magnesium, a maximum of 40mg of magnesium can be absorbed.

The absorption rate is very low. And the difference reaches the intestines and produces diarrhea !!


A magnesium deficiency can cause cramps, excessive fatigue, low strength, interrupted sleep, a weakened immune system, depression, and even fatal heart arrhythmias during intense training.

  1. Low energy;
  2. Insomnia;
  3. Constipation;
  4. Frequent headaches;
  5. Cramps;
  6. Low bone density;
  7. High pulse;
  8. Type II diabetes;
  9. Variable Heart Rate;
  10. Noise sensitivity, depression, and anxiety;


You’ve probably heard that the Epsom salt bath makes you feel more relaxed, lowers muscle tension, and gets rid of calcium ions accumulated in muscle tissue during workouts. This is because Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate, which is the active component that produces all these effects.

But concentrated magnesium chloride is even more effective than Epsom salt.

Why is pure magnesium so effective for recovery? As you read this article, you stored magnesium in your muscles and bones. This mineral is essential in hundreds of reactions.

Several important studies have shown that magnesium has a lactic acid attenuating effect, lowering the pulse and producing carbon dioxide during heavy exercise and improving cardiovascular efficiency.

Moreover, magnesium supplementation can increase your testosterone level and muscle strength by up to 30%.

Seeds, nuts, cereals, vegetables can be sources of magnesium but active people who consume these foods may be deficient in magnesium because intense sports activity can impoverish the body of this mineral.

Unfortunately, an oral supplement may not fully compensate for this deficiency. From personal experience, the amount of magnesium taken orally should be limited to about 1000 mg/day in several doses.

Unfortunately, magnesium is not easily absorbed and more of it causes diarrhea.

Even if the use of magnesium (for example that of magnesium citrate powder) is certainly helpful, a better idea for providing the dose of magnesium necessary for the proper functioning of the body is the local use of magnesium oil.

To speed up recovery you can apply up to 12 magnesium puffs before or after training on tired muscles after showering with hot water and your pores are still open.


Knowing all these things I do now after long runs, more demanding workouts, or competitions?

  1. Daily, after the shower I apply up to 12 puffs of magnesium oil on my feet; (100mg of magnesium) – Thank you Viorica!
  2. After demanding training or competitions I take a marine magnesium pill; (330mg magnesium) – Thanks Tei pharmacy!
  3. When I bathe in the bathtub I add magnesium chloride; (500mg magnesium) – Thanks Thomas;
  4. Consume foods rich in magnesium (nuts, seeds);
It is important to keep track of the number of magnesium supplements you take orally, otherwise, you will spend a lot of time on the toilet. I also tell from personal experience.
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