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Did you face the lack of motivation or do you want

Better results?

I understand you perfectly. Me too A lot of times.

I know how important it is to somebody to watch you

Motivate you to go out to run and provide you with the right tools.

The good news is that I will be the oneto motivate you, the one who will see to make you, to get you out of bed even in cold and rainy days.

I thought that the following tools will be handy and helpful:

What I offer:

Training Plan

Like having a training plan that includes racing for a year? Do you think you’d become more disciplined? More motivated?

Private Group of runners

On the Sahu and Facebook we discuss and motivate each other.

Responses to the between 24/7

I have decided to answer the questions you will have as a result of the study and putting into practice the advice I will give you.

What it costs you:

Choose a program that best suits your needs. All variants give you the opportunity to refund your money.



/month, minimum 3 months

Skype session-Set goals

1h session with Nutriționist

Long-term training Plan

Group of Watsup-24/7

Facebook Group

Weekly Workouts

Call 2 x per month for training analysis

6-Month Progress analysis

Pre-competitive advice



/month, minimum 6 months.

Skype session-Set goals

1h session with Nutriționist

Long-term training Plan

Group of Watsup 24/7

Facebook Group

Weekly Workouts

Call 2 X per month for training analysis

6-Month Progress analysis

Pre-competitive advice

Divya h


"My talent is in organizing me. Run after a plan. "

Hajnal Robert Campionatul Mondial
Robert Hajnal
Best Romanian Ultramaratonist

First of all I must confess that I am a mere man like you in love with running.

Why me?

I've been running for six years uninjured

Six years ago I discovered the mountain run at Retezat SkyRace where I came in 17th place

I hold the record of the most important ultramaratoane in Romania

CiucasX3:105km (4950 dif +): 6h 15min;
Maraton7500:94km (7350 dif +): 14h 30min;
Transylvania 100km:(6650 dif +): 15h 19min;
Via Maria Teresia: 82km (4250 dif +): 9h 5min;
Ultrabug: 100km (in 3 stages): 8h20min;

I practice systematically

We'll take care of Planficarea race, choosing the right targets.

6-Step Program

The steps we will follow after you have filled in the application form.

In Maximum 24h

1. Phone

Once you have filled in the registration form, I will contact you in the shortest time to staabili a Skype or face-to-face meeting.

In Maxim 72h

2. Skype session

I’m going to ask you:

* How much you train/week;
* What kind of workouts do you do?;
* What you proposed for the next year;
* How do you stay healthy;
* How you stand with food;

In addition I will present to you:

* My philosophy of training;
* The 5 types of training;
* Nutrition Lesson No. 1 (which each runner should know);
* We jointly establish goals for each contest next year; x

Starting on the first Sunday

3. Weekly Workouts

Depending on your goal, your training level will send you your training for the next week.


4. Watsup + Facebook Group

Permanent access

5. Information Resources

Types of training, how to carry out the long-term plan, nutrition advice, etc.


6. Communication 27/7

We make a group of WhatsApp where I will answer your questions.

Sign up now!

By pressing the button below and see what your best fit is!


For me it was a very pleasant surprise that Robert is open in communication, that offers advice and is not strictly limited to the training program. People look at it with admiration and it's really cool when a champion behaves naturally and helps others to overcome themselves

John Ivăniciuc

I like the program because it has continuity and logic. I like it because it doesn't emphasize the distance or time. Training has a purpose. Decreases the risk of injury although training increases as intensity. It connects the weeks between them. I see my progress from one week to the next. Because I'm stalking someone, I'm motivated.

And last but not least, This program is addictive!

Emanuel Loghin

The best part is that you can ask for advice when things do not work (there is no training, something hurts) and the training program can be adjusted

David Peacock
Trail Runner

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Whether you are at the beginning of the road or already a veteran, the program is not STANDARD but is designed for the level of each runner, regardless of experience.

The program does not have a deadline, but to see results you will need to work at least 3 months.

You’ll get the program after you’ve paid the first month’s payment.

The moment you decide you’ve learned enough, you can retire from the program without getting any penalties. Besides, if it’s not what you expect, you get your money back.

The podium is an official job. The podium should not be the goal itself, but if you crave, we can debate this in private, and I am convinced that I can give you an objective answer.