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Today’s decision influence tomorrow’s results.

Do you want a personalized running plan?


How much a running plan costs

Choose a plan that fits best your needs. All of them of them give you the opportunity of getting your money back.



450 RON / month

-20% on 3 month prepayment; 450 360 RON/month

-33% on 6 months prepayment; 450 300 RON/month

Video Call where we set the goals

1h nutritionist session

Long term training plan, current VO2Max

Weekly trainings on TrainingPeaks platform

Whatsapp group 24/7

Sweat rate calculation

50% discount at Sport Management Events competitions

1/ month call for the trainings analysis

Pre competition counselling

*for the best results, we recommend purchasing a BASIC plan for a minimum of 3 months


815 RON / month

-20% on a 3 month prepayment; 815 655 RON/month

-33% on a 6 month prepayment; 815 538 RON/month

Skype meeting - Setting the goals

Weekly training plans on TrainingPeaks platform

PRO TrainingPeaks varianta Pro, during the collaboration

Long term training plan

Whatsapp group 24/7

Calculation of easy workout times, tempo run, vo2max, yasso

Sweat rate calculation

1 call / month for the trainings analysis

Pre-competition counselling

Progress review every 6 months

**  for best results, we recommend purchasing a PRO plan for a minimum of 6 months

WHY me?

3x National Champion Long Distance Mountain Running U23

I am the first athlete to win the National Long Distance Mountain Running Championships (30-40km), U23, in each of the 3 years available.
2018: 1st place U23, 10th place seniors
2019: 1st place U23, 6th place seniors
2020: 1st place U23, 3rd place seniors

Life proves that in the end, work beats talent every time.

1. All or nothing

Five years ago, I decided that I want to become the best mountain runner. Since then, I get better and better every day.

2. The final results come from a combination of factors

Training, passive/active recovery, a healthy diet, nutrition, strength and actually improving every aspect of your life make you a better athlete.

3. Every morning I get out of bed instantly

I have a clear goal and I know I have one more day when I can enjoy the road to 1st place.

Other results:

Bucovina Ultra Rocks, 2nd place: 31.5km (1780m+), 2:56h
Trascau Trail Run, 2nd place: 23.5km (1475m+), 2:08h
Maratonul Olteniei, 1st place: 42km (1300m+), 3:25h
Retezat Skyrace, traseu Buta, 1st place: 23km (1400m+), 2:25h
Fagaras Rocks, 2nd place: 20.5km (1350m+), 1:58h

Not a lot of international competitions, but it's just the beginning:

Transgrancanaria HG: 42km (870m+) 6th place
Madrid Ecotrail Run: 80km (1200m+) 6th place
100 Miles of Istria: 41km (940m+) 3rd place
Tryavna Ultra: 23km (680m+) 2nd place

What we will do, in a nutshell

The steps we will follow after you have completed the application form.

In maximum 24h

1. E-mail

Once you have filled in the application form, I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a Skype meeting.

In maximum 72h

2. Video call

In which I will ask you:

*how much you train/week;
*what kinds of training you do;
*your objectives for the next year;
*your health state;
*what diet you follow;

In addition I will introduce you:

*My training philosophy;
*The 5 types of training;
*Nutrition lesson #1 (that every runner should know);
*We jointly set goals for each race in the next year.

Starting with the first Sunday

3. Weekly trainings

Depending on the goal we set and your training level, I will send you the trainings for the week ahead.


4. Trainings on TrainingPeaks platform

Permanent access

5. Information resouces

Types of workouts, how to do the long-term plan, nutrition tips, etc.


6. Communication 24/7

We will have a Whatsapp group where all your questions will be answered.

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I am guided by a burning desire to become better and better every day. Both in running and in other aspects of life. I believe in the success of routines. I am forged with an almost limitless competitive spirit. These are part of my running “gear” for every workout, plus muesli.

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