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I started working with Robert in early 2023 after some unsatisfactory results in 2022. The running program helped me immediately, bringing structure to my daily schedule and increasing my endurance and confidence in my own strength.

After almost a full season I can say that I have improved my time on the 31km Sierre Zinal course by about an hour, completed 2 ultra-marathons and the finish line in Chamonix doesn't seem so far away anymore.

I think the TRA program can help any runner, regardless of goal, age or athletic experience.
Radu Chirila
IT, Switzerland
Since I have been training with TRA not only my performance has increased enormously but also my knowledge has developed. In 2022 ,when I turned to the TRA coaches, at the first 10 km test in January, I clocked a time of 36:20 (3:38/km).

After only 8 months I managed to run a 21 km race in 1:14:00(3:31/km). In such a short period of time I also managed to participate in my first marathon, held in Bucharest, in the National Marathon Championship, where I even teamed up with my coach.

The Trail Running Academy community and coaches are the perfect combination for people who want to develop their knowledge, who want to develop themselves and who want to perform in the running world.
Patrik Petz, alergator montan
Petz Patrick
Ingineer, Romania

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