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We specialize in races like UTMB and ultramarathons lasting more than 5 hours but we also have plans suitable for road races like 10km, half marathons, or marathons.

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Oman Desert Marathon 5th

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Coaching Team

Andrei Ivănescu

Mountain marathon runner

I am guided by a burning desire to become better every day. Both in running and in other aspects of life. I believe in the success of routines. I am forged with an almost limitless competitive spirit. These are part of my running “gear” for every workout, plus muesli.

Robert Hajnal


I am a mountain man and I have a clear vision of what I want to do in my life. I envision a world where everyone plays sports and puts their health first.

Bogdan Certu

Maratonist montan

The preferred workout is progressive tempo. You have to be very focused to run the next kilometre harder than the one before but not so hard that you can run the next one harder and so on.

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Coffee storyes

UTMB roller-coaster

The emotions and experience of TrailRunning Academy athlete Valentin Bălănescu during the 170 km of the UTMB.

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What running taught me

It was supposed to be the story of a race, Mogoșa Everesting but it’s going to be about what running teaches us in everyday life

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Women in the marathon- Unbroken record 37 years

Surely a list of the best times of the women in the marathon race would not have been what you expect from this article. The research was not easy, that’s for sure. The history documenting women’s participation in running events is a complex one, although much shorter than that of men.

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Review Competitii Alergare 2021

13 running competitions of 2021

The stories, in a nutshell, of this year’s competitions. From the “Ioan Soter” gym tour to the mountains of Bucovina, the Mont Blanc passes and the race across Madeira.

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Gazpacho Soup from Yellow Tomatoes

Gazpacho! The chilled, raw tomato and vegetable soup from Andalusia, Spain. Ever had it? Love it? Hate it? I can’t say I’ve always loved it, but if you get it right, gazpacho can be so good.

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Banana Bread - Run Fast Eat Slow

Banana Bread – Run Fast. Eat Slow

This nutty, moist, not-too-sweet banana bread is perfect with your morning coffee or a great satisfying mid-afternoon snack to give you that energy boost to finish off the day.

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Pietrele Doamnei - Bucovina Ultra Rock

Bucovina Ultra Rocks and The Voice inside my head

Bucovina Ultra Rocks is a 108 km ultramarathon with 6500 +. It has 5 climbs on the 3 highest peaks of Bucovina: Rarău, Pietrosul Bistriței, Giumalău. Read how I won the race in 13 hours 16 minutes running side by side with Cristi Manole and Cătălin Șorecău and the voice inside my head

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A adormi antrenament seara

13 Tricks to Fall Asleep Easy After an Evening Workout

After an evening workout you really deserve a good night’s sleep. Often when I put my head on the pillow after a workout done later I have encountered challenges in falling asleep. I guess I’m not the only one and those who lift weights in the evening face the same problem.

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