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Nutrition plan for your next race.

For those runners who want to have a nutritionally trouble-free race from start to finish.

I want a Nutrition Plan

I want in the next race to eat better than ever!

Example of
nutrition plan for bur 4 summits

Nutrition Plan for Anca Luca - BUR 2021, 4 Summits

Plan Nutritional Anca Luca - BUR 2021 4 Summits
Anca Luca's Nutritional and Race Plan to finish Bucovina Ultra Rocks, 4 Summits in 16 hours

A nutrition plan is for you if:

You participate in a running, road or trail competition longer than 3 hours

You had digestive problems that caused the race to end prematurely and you ended up with a DNF

It's the first competition longer than 90 min and you've read that this is the time threshold that if you exceed it you need to fuel up for the race, but there's too much information on the internet;

You are the kind of person who tries to shorten the trial&error process as much as possible and prefers to go straight to experienced people

You've felt that right-side pain shortly after eating food during the race and need a plan to help you avoid it

You drink a lot of water during the long workouts, eat what you think is ok and still run out of energy in a short period of time

You function much better with a pre-established plan, and working alongside experienced athletes gives you the confidence you need while racing

You want to make the transition from basic, by-the-ear nutrition to one that is personalized and tailored to your needs

You want to make the transition from marathon racing to ultramarathon racing, so probably from mainly consuming liquid things to a mixed diet (solid + liquid)

The race takes place in conditions that you are not used to: high heat/high humidity, altitudes over 2000m, running at night

You suffered from cramps during the race and it doesn't seem to be due to lack of training as the pace wasn't that demanding

It helps you know for sure what to consume all the time, because decisions seem harder and harder as race fatigue sets in

A very good plan, I will follow it from now on for my long runs and future races to see what works for me and what doesn't. Different from what I was doing before 😁

Alexandru Țâmpău

Alexandru Țâmpău - Plan Nutrițional BUR

Analiză progres din 6 în 6 luni


One race nutrition plan

450 RON / plan

-20% 3 plans prepay 1350 1080 RON/3 plans

30 mins Skype meeting - where we set the goals - FREE;

BULLSEYE chart - optimal food for the competition;

Discussion about your history of used food during the race;

Calculation of sweat rate;

Calculation of calorie requirements for the competition;

Calculation of food in between Check-Points;

Calculation of H2O requirements in between Check-Points;

Calculation of times in between check-points according to the final goal;

Pre-competition counselling - 30 minutes.

Substantial discounts on GoldNutrition, Spring, SiS products

** for best results, we recommend purchasing 3 plans

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